HSBC Virtual Card

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The versatile plastic-free corporate payment solution

HSBC Virtual Card

The HSBC Virtual Card is a convenient card-free payment and financial management solution for businesses and is one of the most secure ways for making large value, high volume or repeat payments to suppliers.

You have control over your spending with HSBC’s Virtual Cards Online Portal, which allows you to generate unique account and card numbers for each transaction and pay immediately, and provides convenient reconciliation and personalised reporting.

Key benefits

Card-free payment, easy control and convenient financial management

✓ Convenient card-free transactions

✓ Full control, compliance and security

✓ Fraud protection and zero liability for misuse

✓ Better working capital management

✓ Ability to negotiate better terms with suppliers and reduce payment costs

✓ Powerful online management and reporting

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Convenient, card-free transactions

  • Generate unique, pre-approved account numbers to pay suppliers
  • Reduced need for petty cash, cheques and purchase orders, helping you to manage and reduce the business cost of employee general purchases.
  • Generate card-free numbers - for easy control and one of most secure ways for employees to pay for goods and services
  • Make large value, high volume or repeat payments to suppliers via single or batch payments
  • Three integration options for your procure-to-pay system, and enabling you to pay batch invoices
  • Real time management of generated cards

Full control, compliance and security

  • No need to issue plastic cards to departments or individuals
  • Card data is managed according to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
  • Decide how, when and where virtual cards are used according to transaction-level controls

Fraud protection and zero liability for misuse

  • Fraud detection software to detect fraudulent transactions and increase security
  • Zero corporate liability against deliberate misuse by cardholders*

Better working capital management

  • Spending limits and transaction restrictions for your cardholders and approved suppliers, ensure working capital control is in your hands

Ability to negotiate better terms with suppliers

  • Leverage up to 55 interest-free days to help you leverage your cash flow for better working capital
  • Faster payments to suppliers provides leverage to negotiate better purchase terms
  • Online reporting insights to compare costs and control expenses, with up to 29 custom data fields within each card
  • Streamlined payment processing and reporting can help achieve time and cost efficiencies by reducing manual accounts payable processes.

Powerful online management and reporting

Easily manage cardholders and their spending in real time with HSBC's powerful online management platforms HSBC Virtual Cards Online Portal, and Mastercard's Smart Data, giving you the control and insight to better monitor costs and maximize efficiency. Learn more

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