Business Debit Card

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Get instant access to your funds allowing you to securely pay domestic and international vendors and suppliers, as well as access to cash through ATMs worldwide.

At a glance

  • no annual fee
  • pay for goods and services at home or abroad, without having to write company cheques.
  • a convenient way to withdraw money from cash machines
  • shop online with confidence with verified by visa at participating merchants

If you have or are applying for a Corporate Current Account you can apply for a Business Debit Card to make payments and withdraw cash from your account.

This could be right solution for you if

  • you want to reduce cost - business debit card transaction do not incur cost*
  • you want to initiate payment any time - business debit cards can be used to make vendor/supplier payment any time
  • you want to be safe when making online transactions - Business Debit Cards are 3D secure enabled for participating merchants

Key features

  • Business Debit Card is linked to Corporate Account
  • Ability to restrict ATM usage
  • Ability to restrict card usage to specific merchant categories, or specific merchants
  • Apple Pay compatible
  • Ability to set monthly transaction limit

Added flexibility

HSBC Business Debit Card now comes with ability to issue Virtual Debit Cards for B2B payments

Virtual Debit cards:

Virtual Debit card provides capabilities distinct from a traditional plastic based Debit Card. It provides the capability for you to move your existing B2B payments to a card solution with controls and features that are not available in a standard domestic payment route.

With Virtual Debit cards you get:

  • No physical cards issued. You can request for virtual cards for your payment requirements at any time through the virtual cards platform
  • Ability to restrict the generated card number to a single or multiple uses
  • Transaction level controls – limit amounts, velocity, merchant category specific, and time periods of when and where payments can be made on a particular card
  • Ability to capture additional data which can help in reconciliation

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