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Increase the efficiency of your operations by managing cash on a portfolio basis across more than 50 markets around the world. With HSBC's global liquidity solutions you will have access to a range of self-funding, deposit and investment techniques.

Product Features

Our Liquidity Management Portal is the one-stop shop for all of your liquidity visualisation requirements. It consists of:Dashboard


  • Enhances visibility over (and control of) the organisation’s daily liquidity position
  • Enterprise-wide visibility of cash & cash equivalents on a multi-bank, multi-product/ basis – reducing reliance on multiple data sources
  • Liquidity positions can be displayed in a client-defined functional currency, aligned with client’s reporting requirements
  • Ability to “drill-down” from organisation’s “Total Liquidity / Balance Position” to individual account balances

GLS Visualisation & Self-Service

  • Integrated portal offers increased visibility & control over self-funding solutions to improve funding and investment decision making
  • Flexibility and control over liquidity is increased, by providing the ability to amend structures and manage parameters (with a full audit trail-of changes)

Cash Flow Forecasting

HSBC's Cash Flow Forecasting Tool can improve your ability to accurately forecast your global liquidity position. This fully integrated solution forecasts all cash movements that impact your day-to-day cash position from the present day to three years into the future, based on information captured from your organisation's cash pool structures, bank accounts and transaction-level data – click here to find out more.

Product Benefits

Cash Pool Reporting

Enhanced visibility, enquiry & reporting over self-funding & intercompany lending arrangements

Liquidity Structures Administration

Management, control & self-service over cash concentration, intercompany lending, interest enhancement and automated sweeps arrangements

Liquidity Portfolio Management

Liquidity position & activity monitoring, exposure & risk management – current accounts, term deposits and off-balance-sheet investments

Working Capital Management

Management & planning of transaction flows, cash flow forecasting,

Market Insight

Market data, rates, treasury management profiles, regulatory & tax information, insight & thought leadership


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