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Fast and secure communication with HSBC for payments and service requests.

Did you know the HSBCnet Message Centre allows you to send and receive online secure instructions to / from HSBC?

This can save you time on routine maintenance and payment enquiries all without the need to pick up the phone.

You can:

  • Add new accounts to your HSBCnet portfolio*
  • Amend services of your account in HSBCnet portfolio
  • Remove accounts from your HSBCnet portfolio
  • Cancel or recall payments**
  • Investigate transactions**
  • Make a payment amendment (UAE only)**
  • Update your business contact information

*for adding new suffix only

**only applicable for outgoing wire payments

Benefits of Message Center:

  • Save time. The required fields will be pre-populated in the electronic request form, letting you easily submit frequently created service requests.
  • Provide a safe and secure communication method. HSBCnet's highly secure TLS encrypted connection ensures your requests automatically route to the correct HSBC Customer Service Center for quick action.
  • Email alerts. An alert will be sent to you when you receive an update on any case you raise through Message Centre giving you the freedom not to have to check for responses.
  • Peace of mind. On-line activity log allows you to track cases raised and user actions.

Please ensure that account service instructions are initiated or autorised by the account's authorised signatory in your company organisation.

System Administrators can grant permission to any User requiring access to the Message Center relevant message types.

After receiving your request, HSBC will take the necessary actions to complete it and provide timely updates on progress. This can also be tracked online in HSBCnet.

Should you need any further guidance on how to use Message Centre there are guides and videos in NetPlus once you have logged in to HSBCnet.

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