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Asia-MENAT Corridor 2023: Tapping into Transformation

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These are exciting times on both sides of the Asia-MENAT trade corridor. The Middle East economy is once again in full swing as the Covid pandemic recedes and growth in Asia continues to outstrip much of the rest of the world.

As the world emerges from the pandemic lockdown into a new world of geopolitical, macroeconomic and trade frictions, new opportunities are arising across a trade route that stretches back more than a thousand years, between what today are two of the world's economically most dynamic regions. With global supply lines being redrawn and the technological revolution continuing to gather pace, the two regions most ideally placed to tap into these new opportunities are the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Our footprint positions us perfectly to support clients in both directions of travel between Asia and MENAT, with experts on the ground in key markets in both regions. We are able in this report to highlight the key trading opportunities in each of the two regions for businesses from each of the other regions.

If you would like to speak in more detail to someone from HSBC about doing business in the region then please feel free to reach out to one of the team below. We've also included some further resources with more detail on the UAE, GCC, North Africa and Türkiye.

HSBC in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey

Click here to download a guide to the MENAT Region, showcasing the latest developments and opportunities for business to explore and expand.

HSBC Research

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Please speak to your Relationship Manager or an HSBC contact if you need access to the HSBC Research portal.

Contact points

MENAT Region

Stephen Moss

Regional Chief Executive Officer - Middle East, North Africa and Türkiye
Email: stephenmoss@hsbc.com

Julian Wentzel

Regional Head of Global Banking
Email: julian.wentzel@hsbc.com

Patricia Gomes

Regional Head of Commercial Banking
Email: patricia.gomes@hsbc.com

Antoine Maurel

Regional Head of Markets and Securities Services
Email: antoinemaurel@hsbc.com

Haaris Haque

Regional Head of Multinationals
Email: haarishaque@hsbc.com

Khalid Alkadi

Regional Head of Subsidiary Banking
Email: khalid.alkadi@hsbc.com

Dinesh Sharma

Regional Head of Wealth and Private Banking, EMEA
Email: dinesh.sharma@hsbc.com


Mohammed Al Marzouqi

Email: mohammed.al.marzouqi@hsbc.com

Richard Van Der Meer

Head of Commercial Banking, UAE
Email: richard.van.der.meer@hsbc.com

Nabeel Rahim

Head of Markets and Securities Services, UAE
Email: nabeelarahim@hsbc.com

Farzad Billimoria

Head of Private Banking, UAE
Email: farzad.billimoria@hsbcpb.com

Saudi Arabia

HSBC Saudi Arabia

Faris AlGhannam

Chief Executive Officer
Email: farisalghammam@hsbcsa.com

Amir Bourani

Head of Coverage, Global Banking
Email: amir.bourani@hsbcsa.com

Raouf Fahim

Head of Equities
Email: raouf.fahim@hsbcsa.com


Tony Cripps

Chief Executive Officer
Email: Tonycripps@sabb.com

Yasser Ali Al Barrak

Head of Corporate and Institutional Banking
Email: Yasser.albarrak@hsbc.com

Bandar Ghassan Gheshayan

Head of Wealth and Personal Banking
Email: bandar.gghashyan@sabb.com


Todd Wilcox

Chief Executive Officer
Email: todd.wilcox@hsbc.com

Helmy Ghazi

Head of Global Banking
Email: helmyghazie@hsbc.com

Ali Taqi

Head of Commercial Banking
Email: ali.taqi@hsbc.com

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