Future Cities and the ecosystem

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Future cities

We are living in the urban age. Cities house our businesses and feed our economies. Two billion more people will be added to the world’s cities between now and 2050. Over the next 30 years, a renewed global system of connected and trading cities is being set in motion, all integrated by new corridors, advanced mobility, and digital connectivity.

  • Expand to global markets and new industries using our unrivalled international reach
  • Financing our urban havens, new trade, and sustainable infrustructure
  • Invest in the advancement of new cities and districts and sustainable businesses
  • Supporting connected communities, quality of life, and new ways of living

Cities are like living entities, constantly changing, and being reshaped. There is a ripe opportunity to reimagine cities as engines of growth, driving investments, businesses, and jobs.

By Professor Greg Clark | Global Head of Future Cities and New Industries, HSBC

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